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Donate to the Kitchen Table, Incorporated

Kitchen Table founders, Carolyn and Grant Brown, receive a $50,000 donation from celebrity personality Mike Rowe.

Thank you so much for your desire to support the Kitchen Table!

Individuals wishing to support the Kitchen Table can do so financially or through in-kind donations. To make an in-kind donation it is requested the donor call the Kitchen Table (815)-561-9074 and discuss the donation with Carolyn Brown prior to making the gift.

Donations in the form of check may be made out and mailed to The Kitchen Table, Inc., 7034 S. Klondike Road, Rochelle, IL, 61068. You may also stop by the Kitchen Table during operating hours and make your donation in person.

Those companies and individuals who donate above and beyond the usual donations are so noted on our Sponsors page.

The Kitchen Table, Incorporated, is an IRS 501(c)(3) registered charity and as such donations may be tax deductible for those who choose to itemize their tax returns. Contact your tax preparer if this is a concern for you before making your donation.

Those wishing to donate online may donate through our PayPal Account by clicking on the linnk below.

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